Ron and Duaine, loving Brothers

April Your MOM, my dear friend, Mrs Reverend Lorraine Randall, Corinth-New York, wanted to know about my “Brother Ronnie”. My next younger, Reverend Ronald Nobel Allen, lives in Johnsburg NY, 676 Goodman Road… I am the eldest of eight siblings. Our Mom just died in April 2012, and Our Dad died in March 1986. Ron pastors the Sodom Community Church, is the head of the Pentecostal Holiness Association (PHA) (Like as the General Superintendent or POPE of PHA… He just returned from Africa Tanzania, & Zambia’s PHA 100 year celebration, where he was honored for his leadership, spoke many sermons to many leaders, pastors, and congregations… His wonderful wife Kathy was with him!), Ron i
s the Chaplain of the American Legion, and is fully retired, though still pastoring full-time. He is a profound positive influence on the Adirondacks, and he is highly respected!


Ron, I love you so much! You are my very dear Friend, my prayer-partner, my beloved colleague, one of my most favorite, Bible,Theology, News & Prophecy, conversationalists…

OH YES, AND MY ‘ONE-YEAR-YOUNGER’ BROTHER… I respect your wisdom, your counsel, your ministry, your phenomenal Family Members, each one is your genuine testimony, plus your own! I count your precious wife as my own sister… It was definitely God’s ordaining, that MOM & DAD brought you to our Chatimac Home, there in Warren County just off Route State Route 8 near Bakers Mill NY & Johnsburg NY and though only one year old, they laid you in my arms & heart… And I remember clearly; they said, “This is your little brother, take good care of him, watch out for him!” Ron, I love you!

Well, I’m very certain that you have always treated me in kind! Thanks… Duaine Allen


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