Our Lord Jesus Christ is sharing with us the lifestyle, we love!


         Our Lord Jesus Christ

I Am Posting A Few Pictures Of Our Lord Jesus Christ sharing the lifestyle, we love!

You’ll Remember, Friends, That When I First Came To You To Let You In On God’s Master Stroke, I Didn’t Try To Impress You With Polished Speeches And The Latest Philosophy. I Deliberately Kept It Plain And Simple: First Jesus And Who He Is; Then Jesus And What He Did—Jesus was Crucified, in love for us despite HIS AGONY & SUFFERING!
1 Corinthians 2:1-2 MSG

Easter Monday Morning Jesus Prepared Breakfast For Some Of His Friends… Reminds Us Of His Majesty! He Had Prepared Dinner On Maundy Thursday Evening Where HE Introduced Communion, @ The “Feast Of Passover” As “The Lord’s Supper”, For HIS Disciples…

Hope Our Paths Cross Again, Before / or at The Rapture… We’d Love To Share With All Of You Gorgeous People, Family And Friends…

Well, At Least Here On Facebook, And Preferably Like Our Lord, At A FRIENDLY-FAMILY Table Laden With Delightful Festive Celebratory Repast; Succulent, Juicy, Flavorful, Fruity, Veggies, Grainy, Meaty, Nutty, Buttery, Crispy And Crunchy… Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty To Perfection… Some Boiled, Some Fried, Some Baked, Some Fresh And Some Good Coffees… We All Love That… And We All Love Each Other!

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