I pray this for you, “My Young Christian Friend;”

We are both healthy, wealthy, happy and well-adjusted…

I pray this for you, “My nmbnnj Christian Friend;”

To my young Friend,
To my adventurous Friend ,
To my, young, and cherished friend,

I pray this for you!

I love you perfectly and completely, my dear Friend.
I have been praying for you.

You have served the Lord valiantly…

I also continue to pray for God, in HIS wisest original character into HIS image,
3> to utilize your unique and special gifts to HIS honor,
4> to employ you in HIS purposes throughout your whole life
miraculously weaving what becomes the tapestry of your life, and
5> to develop your full potential to fullest expression to HIS exaltation.

As you wind your way through your most delightful life
from beginnings to endings,
through all time and through all eternity,
I pray that you succeed in your endeavors to please God,
to please God with a whole heart, full of joy, love, devotion and music for HIM!
For each of the successive little journeys,
That will compound to make your big lifelong journey,
You will now become increasingly aware that HE has:
Dynamically gifted you,
Imparting multiple talents to you,
Imparted an especially delightful spirit to you.
As though in your travel cases,
Always right there when needed
You will take these along with you in this lifelong journey.

I pray for God’s warmest smiles of approval to ever be upon you.
I pray HIS most profound blessings to shine over you.
I pray HIS loving care and guidance always direct you safely and securely.
I pray, you will be aware of HIS presence
throughout your journey in this maze called life.

I pray for you,
#1That where CONATION or volition and will,
#2That where AFFECTION or emotion and feeling,
#3That where COGNITION or learning and knowing,
That these, the very essences of your soul are involved.
That you will walk confidently, #1WILLFULLY, #2KNOWINGLY, AND WITH #3FEELING,
That you live, being and doing, exactly in the center of HIS Holy will!

I pray that your growth will crescendo throughout your life,
the length of your long, wonderful, healthy, happy, and productive life,
to HIS glory!

As surely as your Bus Driver and Friend follows the maps
of the country’s highways, byways,
and plots his course decidedly on a certain calculated plan
to arrive at each successive destination
Punctually, Preparedly, And Safely,
so too, be very studious to determine
#1where you are and
#2where you are going, and
#3where each successive destination is to be,
so that you too, will arrive at your each and final destinations
Punctually, Preparedly, And Safely.

“My Young Christian Friend”
Do not just let your life ramble and happen.
Do not let people, places, things, events and circumstances just happen.
Do intentionally make them each and everyone, to have purpose and meaning.
Do live with direction and purpose.
Do focus your energies and abilities to successive accomplishments.
Be prayerfully aggressive.
That is, take responsible command of your life.
Conscientiously submit to the challenges HE requires.
Handle the labors HE affords to you.
Lovingly live surrendered to HIS control.

Sing with HIM, sing HIS Song, sing on HIS beat and sing on HIS pitch.
Be always obedient to HIS still small voice.

Do not allow the ‘din and dong’ of life to over power HIS still small voice.
HE will never sing the same melody of the world. Neither shall you.

Refuse To Compromise On Principles And Convictions.

On The Other Hand, Study Cooperation
On All Preferences, Opinions, And Things Not Eternal.

Be Willing To Stand For The Right, Even If All Alone!


Rather always practice and perform in the concerts of life, well rehearsed!
One never need be on the wrong sheet of music, beat or note.

While you still have that decision before you, whether left or right, right or wrong,
the opportunity to accept or reject,
and the privilege to say, to do or to be,
determine what is right, and live it out, reliant upon HIM.

You know you will never regret making the right decisions!

Choose the right not the easy!
Choose the right not the popular!
Remember you have the freedom and power to do what is right.
Your freedom is not a right to do what you want!
But your freedom is the power to do what is right!

“My Young Christian Friend”

Do not depend on others,
When it is clear from God that HE wants you depend on HIM AND YOU!

Nevertheless, learn the wise distinction of depending on others
when it is clear from God that HE wants you to depend on HIM AND OTHERS.

Live With Conviction.
Live With Purpose.
Live With Distinction.
Refuse To Be Ordinary.
Live Challenging Your Self To Excellence!
Live With A Realization Of Your Worth In HIM!

In HIM, you alone have worth.
You are the Lord’s servant.
HE created you uniquely.

AS every other perfectly healthy, and normal individual has, so you too, have Idiosyncrasies.

Do not waste valuable time trying to erase these, “Idiosyncrasies, for they are God’s Fingerprints” on you to identify us uniquely before God.
Delight to learn God’s purposes in your idiosyncrasies.

It is not a Christian concept “to be alike to everyone else”, but to the contrary,
You are yourself unique, one-of-a-kind, wonderfully special and totally precious.
You are designed by God to be exactly alike to no other.

HE allows us to be in HIS image, and to be most like HIM, more than alike to others.

Not everyone in your life will recognize this as fact.
However, even that is OK.
To be alone right, when all others may be wrong, may seem to make you appear weird!
However, that would be weird only in the eyes of those who are wrong!
In GOD’s eyes, you would be blessed.

They may erroneously insist that you say,
do and be like them and agree with them.

Not for any reasons to be argumentative, nor disagreeable, nor abrasive,
However, for the sole purpose of thoughtfully living out HIS will…
‘Choose this day whom you will serve!’

However, you just remember, that to God,
to us and to your big circle of Friends & Family, you are yourself, unique, one-of-a-kind, very special and truly precious.

And the more unique a diamond is the more special, precious and valuable.

HE has a role, life, ministry and service for you,
and that ministry is one that is uniquely yours.
No one else could, should, or would be like you.
You are Special!
If you fail to accomplish this, HIS will for you,
then that WILL for your life will be left undone.
What GOD has entrusted to you; to say, to do, and to be,
is both your privilege and your responsibility!

These Christian A priori Assumptions are my answers to your questions and they are true, honest, and from my heart… There was a vast gulf in our communications at the very beginning.

I Assumed You Were A Christian In Love With Jesus Christ, And Living Out A True, Pure And Holy Lifestyle To Please, To Obey, And To Serve The Lord Jesus Christ!

Then our communications made it clear that I was mistaken… You must confess your sins and willful ambitions to make prevarication against the absolute Truth.

Communication between us (Between You and Me) must be predicated on JESUS CHRIST, THE WAY, THE TRUTH, & THE LIFE, / OR / There shall be NO COMMUNICATION (Between You and Me)!


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