A Teen just asked me… Pastor Allen, what do you want to talk about?

A Teen just asked me… Pastor Allen, what do you want to talk about?

I love to talk about the Lord, and His Life, and all things germane to HIM, The Holy Bible, eternal life, and all “THE WAY, THE LIFE. AND THE TRUTH”…

I enjoy studying the extremely large gulf betwixt the contrasting “WORLD-VIEWS”… God’s World-View with Men’s World-View!

I love discussing the Holy Bible, which I have studied everyday since I was twelve, when I became a true follower of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, WHEN I WAS TRULY SAVED!

I enjoy everything related to computers and everything related to smart-phones…

I love Genealogy, and reminiscing my historic roots, and the country-life, I lived….

I love Photography, and own over 10,000 slides of some of the most beautiful places, peoples and things from around the world… Especially the Holy Land in 1984 with Pamela… and Beautiful Scenes from across America from California to New York…

I enjoy Stamp Collecting, the Philatelic Study of American History recorded in Each Stamp, those torn, sticky pieces of paper affixed to our letters…

I still enjoy Model Railroading, very much, and delight in watching the life-size working trains out my windows, across my beautiful Garden-Lawns, over the stone wall, and across my small flowing river over to the train tracks, every Tuesday & Saturday…

I have studied and earned both my masters and my doctorate and love learning new things,… I possess an insatiable appetite for wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and learning…

I enjoy chatting about momentous, and trivial episodes, important to my friends, and families… I love family reunions when we all gather-together and hum, buzz and chat about, something, anything, and nothing!

I love to talk about my precious children and their spouses, each one all twelve of them…

I really love to talk with, about and for each and every one of my:
22 Grandchildren;
12 Grandsons & 10 Granddaughters…


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